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" Our goal is to challenge, inspire and encourage. "

I met Cal doing a fitness course at the Gordon and immediately got him on the job. You should see this guy load a canoe trailer!


He is loads of fun and is loved by all, kids, teachers, corporates' and yes the ladies.


As you can see, Cal is into body building and in 2011 won the junior Mr Universe title in Austria, the same title "Arnie" won. Although since then he's gotten even bigger - literally. Not everybody has over 300,000 'likes' on Facebook!


He is an awesome instructor - though I try to keep him off the front, as he tends to get a bit excited and often ends up in the dirt. Classic Cal.


One more thing... hide your lunch from him at all times!


Essendon Keilor College have been using the services of GORATS for the past 10 years. Simon and his team have always provided a very professional service catering for all ability levels. GORATS provides a flexible and individualised program, which motivates, challenges and encourages the group to develop and improve not only their technical skills but also teamwork and resilience.


- Matt Szewczuk, Essendon Keilor College


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