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" Our goal is to challenge, inspire and encourage. "

Cath is an obsessive rider and I mean like really obsessed. She has a bike chain bracelet - no kidding!


She is an awesome mechanic, especially on the job when under pressure. I have seen her fix a broken chain in under 3 minutes. 


As an instructor she is caring yet firm and very fast. Her Scottish accent can be challenging at times, but it's also great to poke fun at.


When she's not working for us she is still always on a bike with her partner Andy (also obsessed!), they met while on the gruelling Great Vic Bike Ride.


Cath has done a lot on a bike - riding from Perth to Melbourne in 30 days back in 2012! 


She has also competed in just about every mountain bike race in Victoria and some interstate, winning her "Cat" consistently. 


Overall a fantastic person, amazing athlete, brilliant instructor and very easy to work with. 



Simon and his staff are always well prepared and professional in their approach to students and teachers. The equipment is well maintained and the routes chosen are always a good mix of challenge and adventure that put the safety of riders first. They are flexible and open to suggestions about enhancing the experience for students. I recommend them unconditionally. 


- Mark Smith, Campus Director, St. Bernard’s College


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