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Mountain Bike Tours
So you want to go for a ride? GORATS specialises in custom designed tours to suit your needs, anywhere, anytime and any location along the surf coast.


Most of our adventures happen through the Otway Ranges and along the Great Ocean Road but we also venture to Geelong the You Yang's and some regional locations in Victoria. We can suggest some amazing hidden locations although we can also find a location that suits you, providing there are riding options available.
Duration of ride depends on your needs - from a leisurely pedal to an exciting but exhausting adventure. Students or corporate groups may enjoy an easy 1.5 hour ride while others will want to be challenged by a half day ride. Some groups may want to tackle a multi-day journey. Whatever you want or need GORATS will provide.
GORATS can accommodate small groups of less than 10 people or full school year levels of 200 and above. Generally these large groups will be spread over several days - ideal for school camps.
Generally most rides consist of between 15-30 people, the perfect size for maximum fun while also insuring that safety is our number one priority - GORATS will always provide the correct instructor to group size ratio.
Because we tailor our programs to suit your exacting needs the cost of each ride varies depending on size, duration and location. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss all your options. 
SAFETY! Feel at ease knowing all GORATS staff are highly experienced in the bush surrounds and are fully qualified for the job = carrying all required certificates including first-aid and working with children check cards. All our staff love to ride, love to adventure, while ensuring you have a fantastic and safe time.
Additionally GORATS is a fully insured and licensed tour operator with risk assessment protocol in place. Ride with peace of mind on our new bikes, fastidiously maintained and replaced every 2 years to ensure your ride will always be in top notch!
Mountain Biking is a very exciting way to get out there and enjoy the thrill of the outdoors and the natural beauty of Geelong and the Surf Coast. Let's ride!

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