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Just before the xmas break we took the full squad riding and canoeing in Aireys Inlet. I was lucky enough to also take the coaches the previous day for a trial ride, as they were a little concerned for their boys welfare. Had a great chat to Bevvo and told him all about my past football glories. He showed great interest! 

     The program was very successful with new recruit Travis Cloke smashing it on the water and big Bont popping air on the bike. (Just kidding Bevvo). The guys were very polite and lot's of fun. Oh yeah pretty fit too. My lead bike instructor Helen able to pull away from them on the bike though. 

    Good times!!



Western Bulldogs tear it up

GORATS is very happy to be celebrating 3 years in partnership with Ari from Trailhead bike co in Anglesea. Since August 2014 we have been very busy doing a total refit of the shop which if I may say - looks very cool. And since then we have hardly had a fight. He won. We can honestly say we are very happy together, solving the problems of the world, selling and hiring a few bikes.


Having been in biz for 14 years Ari knows his stuff and is an awesome mechanic, and more importantly a great guy. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. Having GORATS in "da house" has created an awesome space with sales, repairs, tours and hire on offer. We also have a unique mix of items for sale including the usual bike stuff but also photos, mechanise, adventure books and other quirky cool things. We are also looking into offering a great range of electric bikes. What? Yes why not. After all hills aren't for everyone.


The best thing about the shop is you don't have to be a pro to feel comfortable but if you are that's OK too. 


Come in and say hello.


Partnership with Trailhead Bike Co. 

Trailhead Bike Co.


67 Great Ocean Road

Angelsea, VIC, 3230 


Phone: 03 5263 3251




Opening hours


Tuesday to Friday: 10am - 4.30pm

Saturday: 10am - 3pm

Sundays and Mondays: Closed


Open 7 days during January and long weekends. 


Now happening at GORATS!

Find us 

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