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" Our goal is to challenge, inspire and encourage. "

Tony comes to us after 20 years in the adventure travel industry and loves
mountain biking, kayaking and travelling, of course.

He's led groups to some of Asia's most remote countries like Mongolia,
China, Siberian Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and

He's paddled in parts of Iceland, Svalbard and Greenland's remote eastern
fjords in the frozen arctic. Last year he spent a month on a mountain bike
in Nepal and more recently (Sep 2014) rode from Lhasa to Kathmandu across
the Tibetan plateau at altitudes above 5000 metres including Everest base
camp north side.

Tony has ridden many hundreds of kilometres in the Otways and on weekends
and spare days he's often out riding looking for new trails to smash.

If you want to find some awesome hidden single track then Tony is your guy
but bring band aids, there will be blood.


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